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Terms & Conditions

Terms (UAE standard):

These guidelines ensure that everyone on our Dubai excursions stays safe, has fun, and stays on schedule. Participants agree to these terms by booking a tour with Jannat Tours.

Confirmation of Reservations:

A booking must be made through our website to ensure your Dubai vacation with Jannat Tours. You will be notified that payment has been received.

Payment Policy:

Sometimes, a deposit or full payment must be made when booking. All prices are final and include all taxes and fees unless otherwise noted. Refund and Cancellation Policy: Cancellation fees may apply and will vary by tour and day. Our cancellation policy will be followed in the event of a refund.

Trip itinerary:

The provided itinerary details the events and locations that will be visited. Changes may be necessary due to unforeseen circumstances or regional factors. Visas and other Travel Documents: Visitors to Dubai are responsible for securing their own visas, permits, and other entry documentation.

Safety and Health:

All safety rules and directions given by tour leaders or organizers must be strictly followed. Any preexisting conditions or dietary restrictions must be shared in advance.

Minimum Age and Fitness:

Age and physical ability requirements may apply to some tours. The onus of checking eligibility against these criteria rests squarely on the shoulders of the participant before making a reservation. Insurance and Responsibility: It is understood that participation is voluntary and at the participant's own risk. Purchasing travel insurance is a must for peace of mind throughout your trip.

Conduct & Behaviour:

Travellers should act courteously and responsibly, following all applicable laws and conventions. Participants who exhibit disruptive or improper behaviour may be asked to leave the tour.

Items Misplaced or Stolen:

Items left behind on Jannat Tours are not the company's responsibility. All participants are urged to take sensible measures to protect their personal belongings.

Responses and Opinions:

Everyone on the tour should feel free to share their thoughts and opinions. It allows us to better our products and services for you.

Dispute Resolution:

It is agreed that any disagreements will be settled by mediation or arbitration in line with applicable legislation.